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Swim Lessons

Looking for a fun and safe way to get your child swimming? This is the place for you! Come be a part of the Tahoe City Swim Lessons Program. Classes are offered for children 3.5rs and up.

Level 1 - Guppies: Minimum age 3.5yrs, and 36" to the chin. Particpants must be willing to enter water in group setting without parent. Class will focus on water exploration, arm circles, kicking and bobbing.

Level 2 - Seals: No fear for this class! Swimmers get ready to put your face in the water, swim on your front and back, learn breathing skills, and alternate your arm movements.

Level 3 - Marlins: Swimmers will explore deep water, float on front and back without support, tread water, flutter kick and begin to learn the front crawl.

Level 4 - Sharks: Now is the time to work on stroke development, front and back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, treading water, elementary backstroke, and diving.

Lil' Swimmer: This class is perfect for your toddler. They will become comfortable both in and around the water. Instructors will use games and songs to teach parents how to work with their children in the water.

Signups Begin April 28th!


Ages:  3.5yrs and up.

Days:  Monday - Thursday (Tues-Fri: Sessions 1 & 2)

Sessions:   Session 1: May 29-June 1
  Session 2: June 5-June 8
  Session 3: July 9-12
  Session 4: July 16-19
  Session 5: July 23-26
  Session 6: July 30 - August 2
  Session 7: August 6-9
  Sessions 1-2 Between 3:30-4:30pm, Sessions 3-7 Between 8:15am-9:45am
  *Sessions are 30 minutes each.

Location:  Granlibakken Resort Pool

Fee:   $65 Resident
  $70 Non Resident
  $50 Granlibakken Homeowner

Note:  Please review level descriptions prior to signing up for a specific level. If you are sure of which level to register your child, we recommend you register for the lower of the two and we will move your child accordingly. Registration ends the Friday prior to each session at 3:00pm.
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