Smart Meter Replacement Program


About the Project

In Spring 2022, TCPUD implemented Phase 1 of the Smart Meter Replacement Program Project. This three-phase Project will gradually upgrade approximately 3,500 water meters with “smart” meters in TCPUD’s service area by 2024. Smart meter replacement is necessary because the existing water meters installed from 2007 to 2009 are nearing the end of their useful life and lack new and innovative technology.

Phase 1 was completed in 2022 and included the replacement of nearly 1,000 water meter transmitters in the Dollar Point and Upper and Lower Highlands neighborhoods and on Meadow Brook Drive and Panorama Drive. 

Phase 2 was completed by TCPUD contractor Twin Timbers Construction and includes the replacement of nearly 1,200 water meter transmitters in Tahoe City, Comstock Acres, Cathedral Heights, Tahoe Tavern Heights, Alpine Peaks, Tahoma Meadows, and previously metered sites in Madden Creek and Tahoe Cedars.

Specific neighborhoods identified for water meter replacement in Phase 3 (2024) will be determined at a later date.

The total investment for this three-year Capital Infrastructure Project is $1.6 million.  

The Benefits of Smart Meters

Replacing the existing water meter infrastructure with smart meter technology benefits the customer, the environment, and TCPUD.  The need for vehicular travel to read water meters is eliminated, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, by reducing staff time on meter readings, the TCPUD can work proactively to maintain its water systems and continue to focus on its mission of providing safe and reliable water to its customers.

The new smart meter uses the Beacon Cellular Smart Meter technology to transmit data via cellular four times per day to a cloud-based server, increasing response time to residential leaks. The TCPUD will be alerted of potential leaks. Customers can also receive an alert by email or text within 24 hours of a potential leak using Leak Alert Notifications. This technology also provides access to the EyeOnWater app, a tool customers can use to track their water usage, identify a leak, and be empowered to “keep an eye on” and maximize water use efficiency.


Visit the Cellular Water Meters Page for more information on Smart Meters, Leak Alert Notifications, and EyeOnWater.


For more information, please contact:

Wendy Murphy

Administrative Technician - Utilities Department